About Us


  • Three unique collections of greetings
  • Women-owned, indie stationers
  • Made in California // Printed in USA


We’re Brooke & Kristan, and we make greeting cards (and stickers and calendars and other stuff).

Before we were BPBFFs (Business Partner BFFs), we were plain old BFFs with adorable toddlers who loved to play together. Those toddlers are 14 now, and the two of us have seen each other through changes big and small, as friends, as parents, and now as creative entrepreneurs. We are mothers first, always; Brooke has three thriving kids, and Kristan has two.

We’re passionate about words! We nerd out over vocabulary, phrasing, vernacular, puns—all of it. We also share loves for celebration, connection, and correspondence. Together we have a lot of fun memories, inside jokes, and this little company.

We have so many plans for the coming year! We’re grateful to everyone who is cheering us on as we grow. Growing can be sooo a w k w a r d . Thanks for liking us. We like you, too.


Why is it called Pneu?

Pneu is French for tire, and while it wouldn't be difficult to come up with a bit here about its being significant in a fantastic way, the truth is, we just think it's euphonic. Puh-nuh.

eu·phon′ic (yoo-fŏn′ĭk) adj pleasing to the ear.


We'd love to get to know you better! Follow us on Instagram @pneupaper • @dearpancakecards • @howdycards.