Growing Can be  A W K W A R D

Growing Can be A W K W A R D

We are two moms of middle schoolers, so we know: Growing can be awkward. For a little company that's all DIY and figure-it-out, we have felt those pains and have big plans to brave more of them in the coming year.

My childhood was defined by dental work. From second grade through to sophomore year of college, I was a mouth full of retainers, spacers, appliances, and braces. I think it's metaphorically accurate to say that Pneu Paper is still working on a mild overbite ... but counting down to braces-off day. 

Thank you for coming along with us. Every purchase; every like, share, comment, and follow on social media; and every visit to this website makes us smile, crooked incisors and all.     


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